Privacy Policy

Updated: 17 July 2016

This is the privacy policy for applications developed and distributed by Software Design Solutions Ltd T/A Karmic Shift Studios


We use Google Firebase Analytics in our applications. As such, we collect general information about our users as implemented by default in Firebase Analytics. This includes information such as user's physical location, device type, and session times.

As well as the above default analytic information, we also implement custom Firebase events which track user progress through the application at certain key points. This information does not identify the user in any way, it simply records and collects the fact that the user has reached certain points in the application.


We collect this analytic information purely for the purpose of improving our products and making business decisions regarding future products.


We will only share this collected information in the following situations:


Users can opt-out of the Firebase Analytics features that we use, including through applicable device settings such as the device advertising settings for mobile apps.


We reserve the right to ammend this policy from time to time as is necessary to match current practices.